The Impossible Quiz

Are you bored with all those easy puzzle games and now searching something more interesting and more difficult? Your search is over, let me introduce The Impossible Quiz – probably the most difficult but at the same time most addictive flash game I have ever played. The game is rather simple – you only have to choose the right answer and click it using your mouse button, but it’s not that easy. Questions are so tricky that make you think about the wrong answer and losing the game. The best strategy how to succeed in the impossible quiz you can find here at as well as the game itself. The first version of the game has 120 questions, most of them are easy enough but some of them will blow your mind. The only way to success in the game is to calm down and think twice before giving the answer. Remember that you have 3 lives, this means that you won’t start the whole quiz from the beginning as soon as you give wrong answer. Have fun playing the completed edition of the game for free at our website.

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